Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bobee 5

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1756 S Nogales St
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
Ashley: Stephen and I have heard so many great things about this place (mostly concerning their beef noodle soup) that we finally decided to give it a try. It was absolutely hands-down the best Taiwanese beef noodle soup (~$7) I’ve had in my life. Even Stephen, who keeps insisting that there’s nothing in America that can compare to the traditional dish served in Taiwan, was quite impressed. 
They give you a choice of thick or thin noodles, or even no noodles at all. Me and Stephen both chose thick noodles, and my were they tasty! The texture was just right—not too dough-ey. As for meat you can choose beef, beef tendon, both, or none! The soup itself is extremely rich but not too oily! A lot of beef noodle soups that we’ve had in the past were drenched in oil, so much that you could see a layer forming at the top of your bowl. Bobee 5 makes a note on the menu saying that this dish is spicy, but honestly, it wasn’t at all. My spice tolerance is almost non-existent and even for me this dish was not spicy. Unless you chow down on a huge chunk of red pepper. The cabbage in the noodle soup added a nice touch since they absorb quite a bit of flavor while sitting in the noodle soup. Overall, I must say, this was DELICIOUS. And we will definitely be back.
The restaurant atmosphere is nothing special, and the space is rather cramped. Service is typical of most asian restaurants (waiters are not very attentive, etc.), but for this beef noodle soup, we looked past it. The food arrived pretty fast though, within 10-12 minutes. So if any of you are looking for a quick, delicious, authentic bowl of Taiwanese beef noodle soup, look no further! Let us know how your thoughts if you ever do make a trip to Bobee 5! 
*** Also, this week is DineLA! We’re hoping to make it to at least a couple restaurants to take advantage of the discounts :)

Happy eating!


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