Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Curry House CoCo Ichibanya

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Ashley: Stephen and I went to try out this restaurant yesterday, since Stephen had gone there before and liked it! They have a bunch of locations across the world but they're mostly based in Asia. We both ordered the same thing (vegetable curry) since we both weren't particularly hungry at the time. I think it was only about $7 for a decently sized plate of curry and rice. So value-wise, it was great!

You're also able to customize the size of your rice/curry serving, as well as your preferred spice level. Stephen and I both went with the regular default options, although I would probably opt for a higher spice level if you want that extra kick of flavor.

The service was pretty fast. We got our food within 10 minutes after ordering. They give you a large plate with rice taking up half of the plate and the curry poured over the other half. I stirred mine up before diving in. The curry wasn't bad, but I didn't think it was anything special. Maybe it was because I got the vegetable curry, and it might also have been because I wasn't that hungry. The dish was filling and relatively tasty, but it was nothing that left my taste buds hungry for more. I will say that the potatoes in the curry were really good--soft and flavorful. But other than that, it was just alright.

So since we both ordered the same thing, this is going to be a pretty short review. If you're looking to try out Japanese curry, this is a great place to start! But it's nothing worth going out of your way for, in my opinion. But maybe I need to give this place a second chance. I saw a few tables around me that had all ordered their omelette dishes--which looked very unique! Definitely something I'm going to try if I go back!

Happy eating!


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